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Health Guarantee and Contract Thank you for purchasing a pup from us. We raise our pups as part of the family. Pups are born in our house and socialized daily by myself, my husband and our children as they grow! Momís and Dadís are in the house 24/7! Please read over this guarantee and contract and sign it so we know you understand it completely. It is Pup E Palaceís responsibility to deliver an all around healthy pup to you. We have all pups examined and given their age appropriate shots by a licensed veterinarian. It is Pup E Palace's recommendation that you take your new pup to a licensed veterinarian of your choice and get your new pup checked as well. If within 3 days of this dated guarantee (shipped date if Yorkie is shipped) a licensed veterinarian finds any life threatening health issues with your new pup bought at Pup E Palace you may return the pup and Pup E Palace will replace the pup with a pup of equal or greater value or refund your purchase price in exchange for that pup back, including any medical records and registration given with that pup. If you decide to keep the pup, Pup E Palace will be released of the responsibility of replacing, treating or refunding the purchase price of the pup. A partial refund may be considered at Pup E Palaceís discretion. Any situation where Pup E Palace will replace a pup, Pup E Palace reserves the right to have one and a half (1 1/2) year to do so. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar): Pups must be offered food at least once every two hours. If they do not eat they can become hypoglycemic. Some of the symptoms are weakness, lack of coordination, loss of appetite, pale gums. The best way for me to describe the symptoms is ďthey act like they are drunk"! If you notice this offer your pup warm sugar milk and notify your veterinarian. If he/she is not interested in the warm sugar milk get him/her to a veterinarian immediately! If your pup has symptoms more than once notify your veterinarian immediately! Illness/death due to hypoglycemia is not covered in this guarantee because any pup released from Pup E Palace has not had any issues with hypoglycemia while at Pup E Palace and so if an issue with hypoglycemia arises after they have left it can not be our responsibility as we have no control over when and how often you feed your pup. We can only make you aware of the ways to avoid hypoglycemia and itís seriousness! Lifetime Return Policy: Any situation that may arise that causes you to not be able to keep any pup/dog, arrangements may be made to bring the pup/dog to Pup E Palace. Any pup/dog purchased from Pup E Palace may be returned no questions asked and Pup E Palace may refund some/all of your purchase price or try to place the pup/dog in another suitable home for you for the purchase price you paid. Pup E Palace is not responsible for: any shipping charges original pup/dog or replacement; veterinary bills once pup leaves Pup E Palace premises; landlord disapproval; allergies; family disagreements; or anything else not written out in this agreement. I will, however, always give advice and/or help in any way that I can to ensure the best for my pups. Breeding and/or show quality is not guaranteed, it is my recommendation that if you are looking to breed or show you purchase your pup with limited registration and then at 4 to 6 months if your pup is deemed breeder and/or show quality I can lift the limit at that time for the additional unlimited price below. Cosmetics such as, but not limited to, over/under bite, luxating patella's, hair length and/or texture are not life threatening health issues. Pup E Palace can not guarantee a pups adult weight or color. This guarantee is void if pup/dog has not been given shots as directed by a licensed veterinarian, taken care of properly or has been neglected and Pup E Palace will notify authorities. Please do not expose new pups to any other animals until they are current on their shots. If you must expose them to other animals make sure the other animal is current on their shots! This guarantee is your receipt of guarantee and must be submitted to Pup E Palace along with licensed veterinarianís written findings. In the event you purchased your pup without registration the option to be able to receive his/her registration (if applicable) is available until the pup reaches 10 months old. Limited AKC registration is an additional $______. Unlimited AKC registration is an additional $______. The limit on limited AKC registration can be lifted at any time by me, the breeder, Wendy Nicholson. AKC charges a $25.00 fee (as of January 2010) to lift the limit. In the event you bought an adult the additional cost to receive his/her AKC papers (if applicable) is $______. *****___ (INITIAL) No pup/dog, bought at Pup E Palace, is to be resold/rehomed (for ANY reason at ANY time) without notifying, me, Wendy Abubakari at Pup E Palace and I have the option to take/buy (for no more than purchase price) the pup/dog back.***** $_________ deposit received on _________, $______ balance due received on _________.
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This guarantee/contract was updated on 8/18/2016.

Sorry, Garfield picture is not on the guarantee! :- )

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