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By sending payment you certify you have read
health guarantee/contract,
Bringing Pup Home Page
NuVet Info
NuVet Flyer
as well as this page!!!
(Instructions on how to to send payments will come up
after you submit New Owner Questionnaire below).


If you already filled out the
Click here to go to Payment Methods Page to make a payment.

All pups come with Limited AKC registration, vet
checked with up to date puppy shots & dewormings,
health guarantee, puppy pack, NuVet Plus samples,
lifetime return policy & lifetime furbaby support!
AKC is American Kennel Club.
You can click HERE to visit AKC.

Prices are as follows:
$1000 Limited AKC-All colors
$1500 Unlimited AKC-Traditional
$2000 Unlimited AKC-Parti or Chocolate

I do not give unlimited registration on female Yorkie's unless they reach 5 1/2 pounds!
Limited Registration is without breeding or show rights.
Unlimited Registration is with breeding and/or show rights.
The limit on limited registration can be lifted at any time but only by me, the breeder.
NOTE: As of April 2017, AKC charges $25 to do this.

Occasionally I list pups for family and friends.
If their pups are going to be AKC registered they usually just use my prices above.
If their pups are not going to be registered the prices will be posted with the pup.
Prices of my family and friends dogs are not my determination.
If I am physically placing them from here (Pup E Palace) they will come with
everything my pups come with except in the case of the ones without AKC registration.

All pups have 5+ generation AKC pedigrees viewable right
here on our website on our Adult Yorkies Page under their parents.

All of our dogs are on Advocate!!!
AdvocateŽ for Cats and Dogs kills fleas, prevents heartworm, hookworm, roundworm
and whipworm, and controls mange and lice with a single monthly application.
For a complete description...CLICK HERE to
learn more about Advocate for dogs and cats!
UPDATE 5/1/2017
I have some on hand and can apply to your
pup before he/she leaves for just $10 per pup.

Deposits are accepted.

The deposit for any pup is $250.
The first $250 of any payment is considered the deposit.
All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE!
All deposits are first come, first served!

Cash, Postal Money Order, Credit Card or Paypal
are the only methods of payment we accept.
Postal Money Orders MUST be made
out to me, Wendy Abubakari.
Availability is not guaranteed on
deposits placed on unborn pups.
All dates are guesstimates!
Until pups are born their is no
guarantee any Mom is pregnant.
If you leave a deposit on an unborn pup and then we end up not
having a pup for you or if you leave a deposit on a pup that is born
and something should happen to that pup while at Pup E Palace,
your deposit will be moved to the next available litter of your choice.

Final Payment:
Cash is ONLY payment method accepted at time of pick up or delivery.
All other payment methods, payment is due 10 days
prior to the pup being shipped, picked up or delivered.
(Regardless of above, if payment has not cleared,
pup will not be shipped, picked up or delivered.)

If you need your pup shipped, there
is an approximately $350 shipping fee.
Depending on size of pup at time of shipping.
This includes everything your pup/dog will
need from our door to your nearest airport!
I prefer Delta or United but have used all
the airlines at some point or another.
Depending on airport closest to
you, shipping fees may be MORE.
Pups/dogs are shipped weather permitting.
Usually two pups can be shipped in the same crate
for only an additional $35 (second health certificate).
We also deliver in person for 59 cents a mile
within about 90 miles of Townsend, DE as well!

Pup E Palace under NO circumstances holds a pup without full
payment after the pup is 8 weeks old (deposit placed or not).
Unless kept at Pup E Palace's request!

Pups are usually ready at 8 weeks old, but
some need to stay longer, at my discretion.
If shipping is needed pups can be shipped at 8 weeks old.

Yorkie pups 8 week weight times 3 and/or 12 week weight
times 2 is the best guess to Yorkie pups adult weight.

No pup, bought at Pup E Palace, is to be resold without
notifying Pup E Palace first and giving Pup E Palace first
option to take/buy (for no more than purchase price) that pup back.
Any pup that Pup E Palace lets you rehome from your home you are required
to have the new owners fill in Pup E Palaces New Owner Questionnaire
and the new owners are to be notified if they can not keep the pup/dog
they are to notify Pup E Palace first and give Pup E Palace first option
to take/buy (for no more than purchase price) that pup back as well!
Pup E Palace does not knowingly place pups
with pet stores, brokers or puppy mills!!!

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